Netdisco on FreeBSD 12-p3

This is a definitive how-to (updated) on getting the latest version (v2.40.3, February of 2019) of Netdisco up and running on FreeBSD 12- p3. It’s assumed you have your base system installed, have set your shell and installed sudo or given your account wheel access. To start, we need the following prerequisites installed:

  1. p5-DBD-Pg (this will install Perl)
  2. postgresqlXX-server
  3. net-snmp
  4. curl

Using pkg, it’s as simple as:









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Set Individual User Permissions on Folders Based on Username

On a recent endeavor, I needed to create 1400+ folders on a file share named staffweb (part of our domain migration). Essentially, the permissions on the staffweb folder enable www access to each individual’s published content (via IIS).  The server OS which houses the share is Server 08 R2, which was particularly frustrating at first because I could not use the standard xcacls.exe to set the permissions when the folders were created. Where the script worked fine on Server 03, it just wouldn’t work on Server 08. By using a combination of scripts, I accomplished the task, but ironically, I had to break out some old school scripting techniques to set the ACL’s properly. Below are both scripts… [Read more…]

How to set access rights for calendars in Exchange 2010

Since most of our users at work run on Macintosh, we have them use OWA exclusively. One caveat to doing so revealed a hope-to-be-resolved-soon bug which no doubt other OWA users will observe along the way-a user cannot share their calender with permissions greater than “Reviewer”. The workaround at the moment requires server-side resolution, which from a sysadmin’s perspective, is not welcomed overhead in managing an already expansive system such as Exchange. It is easy enough however, to extend permissions on user’s calendars. The following is an outline to do just that:

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Custom MMC’s on Terminal Server

I am a huge believer in managing Active Directory from both a centralized and decentralized mode. I work in an environment where we have a 9 to 1 ratio of Macintosh versus PC based systems. We needed to give specific people, specific access to parts of Active Directory so they could essentially fill the role of helpdesk (since this position no longer exists in our department). Without being able to give them an ADUC client (Mac), we needed to come up with another solution. Creating a terminal server with customized MMC’s which launch at login and according to their group is what we were after. The following is the quick and easy setup of such. [Read more…]

RDCman – Great New Addition To The Sysadmin’s Toolbox

While polling the microsoft exchange team site recently, I found this post about an internal tool the dev team has available to them, which recently has been made public. After a quick download and setup of RDCman, I was off and running. I exported my current list of servers straight out of “remote desktops” tool and directly into rdcman. Once some intitial editing was done for credentials to each server (we have two domains, each with different admin credentials), it was time to check it out.  [Read more…]

Losing a whole year…

Well, I can’t believe it has been an entire year since I last posted on this blog. I have a ton of learning to convey and just haven’t had the time. On a personal note, I began taking care of two parents who were both diagnosed with Alzheimer’s back in mid 2008.  Trying to keep up with my own family (wife and two kids) and add to that all of my parent’s affairs, well my life has just been crazy. Thinking about blogging, but just never getting to it.

The VMWare cluster implementation is complete and I will add some posts about that. As I move towards a full IMAP to Exchange 2010 implementation, I will add posts regarding those processes as well.  I moved from my iPhone to Droid recently and quite honestly, will probably never go back . I will post my findings on that as well.

Stay tuned…

How to: Install Private Root CA into ADManager Plus

Frustrated by the lack of documentation by Adventnet on this topic, I decided to dig into and discover the proper procedure on installing an SSL certificate that would work for their ADManagerPlus application. Having some previous experience with Java certificate stores, I used that knowledge to complete the task. If you are like me, I tried to use Adventnet’s documentation but kept getting stuck on how to embed the Root CA correctly (knowing this from the fact that https revealed an untrusted certificate!). This is the process I followed to get ADManagerPlus working with our private Root CA…

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Vista and Legacy Wireless

Ahh, so the woes of running Vista continue to pile up. As mentioned at the end of my previous post, I bought a laptop designed for Vista-which has proven to be more stable so far in the short run. But another nice little quirk I found with Vista is it just doesn’t like to attach to legacy wireless devices. On a recent trip to Seattle I found out just how bad it can be. [Read more…]

Another Vista Experience…

So this past weekend I decided to fire up my home system on the Vista drive that I configured some time ago. My primary system is a home-built AMD 4800+, 64×2, with 4 GB of RAM on an MSI Neo2 motherboard. I run a PCI-e promise RAID card that allows for my two 500GB SATA data drives to run in a mirror. I also have one 160 GB SATA drive which runs Vista Ultimate and a 250GB ATA drive that runs XP. I do most of my work on the XP drive but really like how UT2004 runs on Vista. [Read more…]