How to Create a Shared Calendar with Published Content in Exchange 2010 SP1

One item of importance for a school district is for folks at schools to be able to publish calendars to the web, either to a blog, wiki, or school site. In my attempt to track down a simple How To on the topic, I did not find the specific steps to accomplishing task, so I have opted to create this one. Keep in mind that this method of publishing calendar content to the web essentially replaces the legacy public folders seen in previous versions of exchange server. As part of this How To, I have added the steps to add designated editors of a shared calendar. These are the steps I followed… [Read more…]

Basics of Internet Calendar Sharing in Exchange 2010 SP1

One very important aspect of calendar management is the ability to have globally shared calendar information available for publication to the internet or an intranet. To accomplish this, certain requirements must be met prior to publicly or privately  “publishing” shared calendar information. The following are some basics that an Exchange administrator will need to know in order to successfully create publishable calendar content. [Read more…]

How to set access rights for calendars in Exchange 2010

Since most of our users at work run on Macintosh, we have them use OWA exclusively. One caveat to doing so revealed a hope-to-be-resolved-soon bug which no doubt other OWA users will observe along the way-a user cannot share their calender with permissions greater than “Reviewer”. The workaround at the moment requires server-side resolution, which from a sysadmin’s perspective, is not welcomed overhead in managing an already expansive system such as Exchange. It is easy enough however, to extend permissions on user’s calendars. The following is an outline to do just that:

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