How to Install and Use a Digital Certificate for Sending Encrypted Email

The following is text from a document I wrote for folks at work to setup digital certificates in Outlook. This also works in Outlook Express, but we all know the caveats with OE. By default, email is sent in plain text and anyone with a sniffer can view the content of an email. The purpose of using digital certificates is to ensure “unreadability” of email on the wire. The nice thing about using certificates is only the desired recipient can read the email (when you encrypt) however, the drawback of the initial setup for both sender and recipient can be daunting for the non-technically inclined… [Read more…]

Clean up port configure options

Ever run across this one? You install a port that prompts you for configuration options and it fails. You run a “make distclean” or “make deinstall” hoping to get rid of the options you chose or hoping to be prompted again during the install, but you don’t get prompted again.

Simply type “make rmconfig”  and reinstall the port to get the option window during your next install