Vista Remote Admin Tools Finally Arrive!

One of my biggest peaves about Vista has been the lack of support for managing existing Server 03 servers. Well, Microsoft finally released the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Vista SP1 yesterday. After almost a year of suffering through unstable beta’s and oddities in release candidates, the RSAT finally appears ready. Though primarily designed to remotely manage Server 08, several core tools for Server 03 management are resolved, such as no longer needing to register the management dll’s, DHCP scopes resolution, and the now infamous Vista SP1 removal of the GPMC.
You can find the requisite versions here:

x64 RSAT

x86 RSAT

Vista on an Imac using WDS

This was just so funny I had to post it here. My work (K-12 Education) is pretty much a Macintosh shop as far as the desktops go (6:1 Mac/PC). There are a couple Win heads running around the shop and they decided to use the WDS server I brought online last year to image a brand new iMac with Vista to see if it would work. To their amazement (and mine), WDS dropped an image of Vista Business onto the iMac and it runs natively. With a few simple steps, you can turn your iMac into a Vista box, without the use of boot camp or other virtualization technology. I am not sure why you would want to do this to a brand new iMac, but nonetheless it works! The following is the process they followed… [Read more…]