How to set access rights for calendars in Exchange 2010

Since most of our users at work run on Macintosh, we have them use OWA exclusively. One caveat to doing so revealed a hope-to-be-resolved-soon bug which no doubt other OWA users will observe along the way-a user cannot share their calender with permissions greater than “Reviewer”. The workaround at the moment requires server-side resolution, which from a sysadmin’s perspective, is not welcomed overhead in managing an already expansive system such as Exchange. It is easy enough however, to extend permissions on user’s calendars. The following is an outline to do just that:

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Custom MMC’s on Terminal Server

I am a huge believer in managing Active Directory from both a centralized and decentralized mode. I work in an environment where we have a 9 to 1 ratio of Macintosh versus PC based systems. We needed to give specific people, specific access to parts of Active Directory so they could essentially fill the role of helpdesk (since this position no longer exists in our department). Without being able to give them an ADUC client (Mac), we needed to come up with another solution. Creating a terminal server with customized MMC’s which launch at login and according to their group is what we were after. The following is the quick and easy setup of such. [Read more…]