How to Create a Shared Calendar with Published Content in Exchange 2010 SP1

One item of importance for a school district is for folks at schools to be able to publish calendars to the web, either to a blog, wiki, or school site. In my attempt to track down a simple How To on the topic, I did not find the specific steps to accomplishing task, so I have opted to create this one. Keep in mind that this method of publishing calendar content to the web essentially replaces the legacy public folders seen in previous versions of exchange server. As part of this How To, I have added the steps to add designated editors of a shared calendar. These are the steps I followed…

Create a Room or Equipment Mailbox in the EMC

Allow Publishing: Go to properties of the new mailbox, then Mailbox Setting Tab, then Sharing. Change the policy to the sharing policy created using the method published here (enter URL of published Document Here)

Convert to a shared mailbox using EMS:

Set-Mailbox “mailboxname”  -Type Shared

Add Permissions:

Add-MailboxFolderPermission –identity mailboxname:calendar –user designatededitorusername -accessrights editor

Repeat command substituting designated editor username accordingly

Enable Publishing:

Before performing this step, you must add the customized sharing policy previously created.

Set-MailboxCalendarFolder –identity mailboxname:calendar –detaillevel fulldetails –publishdaterangefrom oneyear –publishdaterangeto oneyear –publishenabled $true

Check/Get the published URL:  Get-MailboxCalendarFolder mailboxname:calendar

Add permissions for editor to load the mailbox and alter sharing permissions or republish if necessary:

Add-MailboxPermission –identity mailboxname –user designatedfullaccessuser –AccessRights FullAccess

Add permissions so designated user can send links out via email:

Add-ADPermission –identity ‘mailboxname’ –user ‘designatedsendasaccessuser’ –ExtendedRights ‘Send As’

Once this is setup, the designated user would load the shared mailbox and publish the calendar. Once published, the URL is viewable, which can be sent out via an email.

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