How to Set Room Resource Policy so Delegates Get Properly Notified

A recent query to the Exchange forums suggested that the documentation from Microsoft regarding Room Resource Policy with Delegates is not complete. Upon further review, I discovered the process is rather simple, but not intuitive nor well documented…

  1. Create the Resource (room mailbox, equipment mailbox).
  2. On Resource Policy Tab, select delegate, check “forward meeting requests to delegates”.
  3. On Resource General Tab, check the box for booking attendant.
  4. On the Resource In-Policy Requests Tab, check radio buttons:
    1. Selected Recipients (automatic approval), leave blank.
    2. All Users (subject to approval)

On the Resource Out-of-Policy Requests Tab, check “Selected recipients”. Leave blank

*Note: My goal was to have all meeting requests forwarded properly to the delegate(s) for approval, whether it’s in policy or out-of-policy. The above steps accomplish this however, if you desire to have only out-of-resource policy requests forwarded to a delegate AND all in-policy requests auto-accept, then use the Microsoft suggested defaults.


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