Add Patches to WIM Images

Remember the days of slipstreaming the latest security patches from Microsoft directly into your RIS images? Well, the same can be done with WDS. The process is a little different but works like a charm. Unfortunately, this process does not work for WinXP images, only Vista Images. The following process will slipstream patches into Vista WIM images.

It is assumed that you have the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) installed on the WDS server. All work is done directly on the WDS server.

Step 1. Identify the Patches Needed

Browse the following link: and download the patches in .msu format.

Step 2. Unpack the Patches

type: expand c:patches*.msu c:imagepatches -f:*

Note: where patches is the folder in which the patches were downloaded to and imagepatches is the folder to which the patches will be unpacked. The -f does not refer to a drive letter, it is the option used to unpack ALL files.

Step 3. Delete Unneeded Files

You won’t need any of the WSUS stuff, so delete it.

Type: erase imagepatcheswsus*

Step 4. Disable the Image in WDS

Open the WDS console and locate the image to be patched in WDS image store, right-click, select “disable”

Step 5. Mount the Image

On the WDS server, open a command prompt and path to the WAIK’s x86 tools directory

type: cd waikToolsx86

type: imagex /mountrw d:remoteinstallimagesdellgx270.wim c:mountedimages

Note: gx270.wim is the image needed patching, mountedimages is the directory in which the image will be mounted.

Step 6. Import the Patches Into the Image

Type: peimg /import=c:unpacked*.cab /image=c:mountedimageswindows

To list the packages needed by the image, type:

peimg /list /image=c:mountedimageswindows

You will see a plus sign in front of the packages needed

Step 7. Patch the Image

From the command prompt, backup one directory and then into the PETools directory to access peimg.exe

Type: cd..PETools

Type: peimg /install=*Package* c:mountedimageswindows

Step 8. Unmount the Image

From the command prompt, go back to the x86 tools directory.

Type: cd ..x86

Type: imagex /unmount /commit c:mountedimages

Step 9. Enable the Image in WDS

Go back to the open WDS console and locate the image you just patched, right-click, select “enable”

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