What I love about UNIX

At work I run a mixture of Server03 with AD and FreeBSD. For network monitoring/alerting I use a combination of nagios and cacti but on two different servers. Since I work for a school district and money was (and still is) an issue when I arrived there in 2004, I set up the nagios system on a spare x86 PC. I did the same for cacti but then moved it to a box that was donated to us recently. In an effort to consolidate multiple systems into the one donated box (a Dell PE2450), I rebuilt nagios and upgraded it to version 2.

After testing the new version on the donated box, I slid downstairs to the server room and physically logged on to the old nagios monitoring box (with the intention of unplugging it after final [final !] shutdown). I took notice of the final parting message which read “uptime495d22h4m”. WAIT, you mean to tell me I had no reason to reboot or shutdown this box in almost a year and a half! Yep, THAT is what I love about *nix, even with multiple patches to the original packages on the bsd system, no reboot. I wish I could say the same about my windows servers, but with almost every update, a reboot is necessary. I think the longest I have run my win servers are maybe 70-80 days. Hmmm….why is that?

I read somewhere awhile back that good windows programmers can design their software so as to not require a reboot. Nothing is more frustrating than wasting minutes of my life waiting for a reboot of a doze box…

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