Vista and Legacy Wireless

Ahh, so the woes of running Vista continue to pile up. As mentioned at the end of my previous post, I bought a laptop designed for Vista-which has proven to be more stable so far in the short run. But another nice little quirk I found with Vista is it just doesn’t like to attach to legacy wireless devices. On a recent trip to Seattle I found out just how bad it can be.

Most hotels boast their Wireless internet access as an added convenience during your stay. Many hotels scrambled in the early part of this decade to deploy wireless to gain advantage over their competition. Unfortunately, they did so without much planning or forethought for scalability. So when my new Vista laptop (HP) ran across the hotel’s legacy devices, nothing but problems ensued. Double-checking the wireless settings to ensure the built-in Atheros wireless card was speaking in both 802.11 “b” and “g”, ultimately the issue could not be resolved.

I usually come prepared when I travel and since wireless networks are so ubiquitous these days, I opted not to grab a network cable before leaving home. It was absolutely laughable to me as I had to request a cable from the front desk and plug into one of the hotel’s RJ45 wall plugs in the lobby just to gain internet access. Even the owner of the hotel said I should go back to XP as he quipped “that’s what I did”. I am committed to using this OS, but at what point will the diminished useability factors outweigh the need to get work done. Again, I see an OS that was pushed to the public when it is not ready for prime time.

Unfortunately, M$ is so used to doing this and we as consumers are so used to taking what they give us that I don’t think the cycle will end. When consumers stop buying M$ products and refuse to be M$ pool of beta testers on products that are obviously not ready for public consumption (and should have stayed in beta testing much longer!), then and only then will M$ feel the pain that we all do.

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