How To Create Discover CD-Windows Deployment Services 2008 R2

As many things have changed from my post I wrote several years ago, here is the updated method for creating a discover cd in Server 2008 R2. Keep in mind that most modern-day systems contain a network card with PXE capabilities, so it will only be on a rare occasion that you would need a discover cd. Requisite to this process is a running Windows Deployment Services with an imaging ecosystem that has been field tested and proven. Additionally, you’ve successfully added network driver packages to your boot images and are familiar with that process.

Step 1:

Open your WDS console, open Servers, then the name of your server. Click on the Boot Images folder.

Step 2:

Right-click the boot image you want to make a discover cd from and select “Create Discover Image…”

Step 3:

In the Location and file name field of the Wizard, type “C:boot.wim“. In the “Enter the name of the Windows Deployment Services server…” field, enter the full UNC path, for example:

Step 4:

Click next and wait until the images is fully dumped and you have a process complete message on the wizard.

Step 5:

Click on Start, Programs, Microsoft Windows AIK and select the “Deployment Tools Command Prompt”

Step 6:

Create a WinPE build environment by typing: >”copype  architecture c:winpe” (where architecture is either x86 or x64).

Step 7:

Copy the boot.wim file to the winpe build environment: >”copy /y c:boot.wim c:winpeISOsources

Step 7:

Create the bootable iso file by adding the boot com file:

>”oscdimg -n c:winpeISO c:winpediscover.iso

You can copy the discover.iso file to a machine that is capable of burning an ISO file (such as any Windows 7 with a CD/DVD burner). Burn the ISO to either CD or DVD. Place the CD/DVD into any system that does not have a NIC capable of PXE and boot into the CD. If everything was done correctly, you will be able to access the WDS server image store without issue.



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