Another Vista Experience…

So this past weekend I decided to fire up my home system on the Vista drive that I configured some time ago. My primary system is a home-built AMD 4800+, 64×2, with 4 GB of RAM on an MSI Neo2 motherboard. I run a PCI-e promise RAID card that allows for my two 500GB SATA data drives to run in a mirror. I also have one 160 GB SATA drive which runs Vista Ultimate and a 250GB ATA drive that runs XP. I do most of my work on the XP drive but really like how UT2004 runs on Vista.

Switching between the two drives is as simple as booting to BIOS and changing the boot drive order, a couple of arrow key hits, an F-10 to save and I am off and running. So, back to this Vista experience…After booting to my Vista drive I am working in PowerPoint 2007, Word 2007 and doing some web surfing on both IE and Firefox. Out of the blue (excuse the pun) comes the BSOD. I reboot and proceed to attempt to debug. Vista is so nice, it tells me of course that it has recovered from a “serious” error (not unlike XP), so I then send to M$ to see if there is a solution. Vwaallaaa, the problem is recognized as one that can be resolved by installing SP1.

So, since I did not have SP1 as an option under windows updates (go figure as to the exact reason, M$ gives you several scenarios to why it might not show up, of which I do not fit into any of them), I find the direct link to SP1 and download it. I then install it, which takes about 40 minutes to complete. After all of this I am back up and running. I fire up PowerPoint 2007, Word 2007 and IE and I am off and running. Within in fifteen minutes I BSOD again. Okay, how am I supposed to get any work done when this OS is obviously unstable?

I again reboot the machine and get the nice little message that Vista has recovered from a serious error. Do you want to check online for a solution? Sure, I click the button and absolutely nothing happens. No indicator of a problem resolved or a problem still existent. Since I must get my work done, I decide I have had enough and reboot into my XP drive…no BSOD’s whatsoever. I work the rest of the weekend on my XP drive and boot back to my Vista drive to play a little UT2004 when all is done, and yet no BSOD’s.

Do I really have time to go run down the reason the system BSOD’s while running native M$ applications? I think not. I can see why Vista is getting all the bad press. Unlike a Mac, it just doesn’t work, no wonder Apple is having a field day with Vista and they continue to make headway into the market share of M$. With problems like this, I say to myself: “If this is a typical experience, no wonder businesses are running away from Vista”. Everywhere I look I read blogs about why folks are backgrading to XP. M$, what the heck happened?

I recently bought an HP laptop that is “built for Vista” and it runs Vista Home Premium. I shall see if I fare any better in the Vista world with a machine that is designed to run Vista. If I experience the same instability with this laptop, XP may stay on my horizon for some time. So much for M$ most secure operating system ever. If you can’t run it, then you don’t get to experience the new security features now can you?

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