About Me…

For the past 24 years I have worked in the field of Information Technology, and currently work as the Technology Director for a school district in Oregon. I am Microsoft certified (MCP, MCSA, MCTS), but am passionate about all things sysadmin related. I’ve self-taught FreeBSD, Gentoo, Redhat, CentOS, and Ubuntu, but my preferred OS is FreeBSD.

My current work environment revolves around providing support services for 800+ staff and 5,600 students. I wear many, many hats as it is a typical  K-12 environment (lack of funding means optimizing services, TCO, ROI, etc.) and always finding ways to get done what’s needed with very sparse or  realistic support matrices. I am the principal architect/engineer of our current infrastructure environment (physical network, wireless, VoIP, security), which was completed in 2015. I am also the principal sysadmin running 50 virtualized (VMWare-4 host cluster) servers, 10 physical servers, 120 access switches (13 sites) connected to Cisco core devices with over 400 wireless access points. I run everything from Ubuntu and FreeBSD web servers, to back office Lync, Exchange and System Center services, Chrome OS and IOS MDM services and cloud-based VoIP systems.

I love technology and learning different methods to create efficiencies within systems via streamlined administration and analysis. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with others to help them better understand the technology that surrounds us today.

I have worked in a variety of technology environments over the years and I believe my experience is worth conveying in written form, thus the creation of this blog.